St John the Evangelist, Pauntley, Gloucestershire


John 3:16
- For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that
whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.


   Services for November 2018

   4th     9.30 am      Holy Communion                           A Perry

 11th    10.45 am      Holy Communion                           R Franklin

18th     10.00 am     Benefice Communion, Upleadon                                       

 25th    6.00 pm      Evensong                                         C Dunnett


   Services for December

 2nd   9.30 am    Holy Communion                               A Perry

 9th  11.00 am   Holy Communion                        Tudor Griffiths

16th   4.00 pm   Carol Service                                      R Franklin

23rd  9.30 am    Benefice Said Communion, Dymock  A Perry

25th  9.30 am    Holy Communion                                R Franklin

30th  10.00am Benefice Service, Bromsberrow        AP, CD, TG, RP


Services for January 2019



 6th   9.30am    Holy Communion                            A Perry

13th  11.00am  Holy Communion                             T Griffiths

20th 10am  Benefice Service, Dymock                   RF, DC, JB, Lay

27th  6pm   Evensong                                              DC


Services for February 2019

3rd  9.30am  Holy Communion                                A Perry

10th 11.00 am Holy Communion                             R Franklin

17th 10.00am  Benefice Service, Kempley            TG, RP, CD, RB

24th  6.00pm  Evensong                                          CD


Services for March 2019

3rd 9.30am   Holy Communion                              JB










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